Tools for automatic deburring 

When safe and cost effective solutions matter


Edge rounding without changing 
the workpiece geometry

Osborn ATB® are brushes, but we prefer talking about them as precision tools that play a major role in manufacturing highend quality parts. They can be adapted to virtually any processed material and part. 

The ideal fill material for our ATB® are nylon threads interspersed with abrasive grit such as silicone carbide or ceramic. Other materials are also available on request (e.g. diamond grain).

ATB® are designed for direct adaption on tool holders with face mill arbors (DIN 6357) and shell mill mounts (DIN 6358). Through this they can be used on machining centers, CNC millers & lathes and robotcells.

The deburring can start directly after the upstream machining process on the same machining center. Through their compatibility ATB® can be stored in the tool magazines of the machining center. No reclampling  is necessary.  Cooling lubricants, emulsions and water can be used without problem.

ATB® are non-cutting tools. They are used mainly for removing burrs and secondary burrs generated in the upstream machining process. The surface textures of the components are positively influenced by ATB®.

Deburring directly after the 
machining process

Shorter cycle times and very uniform edge rounding can be achieved. ATB® are particularly suited for the deburring of:

  • Milled and turned parts
  • Ground parts
  • Sinter parts
  • Punched, nippled and pressed parts
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic parts
  • Engine components such as 
    cylinder heads and cylinder blocks
  • Die-cast parts
  • Valve plates
  • Parts ground flat
  • Toothed parts
  • Contact- and sealing surfaces
  • Finishes

After the upstream machining process - Distinct burrs on the edge. Millling grooves on the surface.

After deburring -  burrs have been reliably removed and the edges are rounded. The surface has a uniform, brushed appearance.


Maximum Trim Density
Minimum Process Costs

Unlike punched brushes ATB® have 4 times more bristles, a longer service life and a corresponingly more aggressive effect. At the same time processing times are quicker and the deburring results are better and more efficient.

Hightech Bristles

  • High abrasive grit conent for effective deburring
  • Usage with coolants is possible
  • Can be tailored to any material machined
  • Abrasion-resistant bristles
  • Planar trim surface
  • Aggressive brushing effect

Clever Design

  • Standardised face mill arbors and shell mill mounts
  • High levels of stability and cencentricity.
  • Fill material firmly casted into the brush body
  • Extrem dichte Besatzoberfläche

ATB®  are high precision tools that can be adapted to any deburring challenge. If you don't find the right tool in our standard assortment, we are looking forward to developing an individual solution with you.

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